Award-Winning Natural Sunscreen

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Award-Winning 100% Natural (Non-Synthetic) Sunscreen
Rubber Ducky Sunscreen 100% natural (non-synthetic) line-up is my favorite and I’m not alone- it has been voted best sunscreen by the ladies who know skin. LNE & Spa voted Rubber Ducky Natural Sunscreen one their Best Products of 2015 and 2016 won Dermascope’s Aesthetician’s Choice!

100% natural (non-synthetic) sunscreen is a becoming more popular as we embrace a more healthy way of living. We are choosing chemical-free, biodegradable, gluten-free items and becoming more mindful not only of their impact on our skin but also the environment.

Generally, a natural sunscreen is going to be more akin to a moisturizer or thicker lotion- which while being fabulous for the skin can be a shock or a bit of an acquired taste to someone who has been used to slathering on much lighter water or chemical-based sunscreens for years.

It is especially beneficial in dry climates / winter and with lots of sun exposure at the beach; made with multiple essential oils, which bring benefit to skin. High-quality ingredients that are moisturizing, for body and face, tint or non-tint, SPF 30 & 50 lotion and stick options – and Rubber Ducky Natural Sunscreen passed global 8-hour water-resistance tests and an impressive zero-irritants test so it safe for kids of all ages!

If natural sunscreen is what you want or what you think you want to try, we recommend you check out the Rubber Ducky 100% naturals award-winning line up. We have posted ingredients, as well as other information.

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